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Carbo Plus--sort of


Aside from a query to Ed on shrimp and to Madan on lilies, I am a lurker
trying to keep some aquatic plants alive in Islamabad, Pakistan.  Two months
ago I installed what I assume is a Chinese knockoff of the Carbo Plus Co2
system--a Jebo A-192.  It worked fine for six weeks (running only during the
day) and my plants grew well.  Then it stopped.  The carbon block is still
as large as it was when I got it--but I don't know if it is supposed to
diminish in size or just lose some qualities through use.

The tapwater here is 15-18 degrees GH and 9-12 degrees KH, 7.8 pH.  I had to
clean the encrusted calcium off the plates (using vinegar) every 10 days.
After I cleaned it off in late July I never got it to work again.  I have
taken it apart (as much as I can) and put it back together several times,
but, aside from a few occasional bubbles, no luck.

Unfortunately, this was a one-off item the lfs got in stock and told me
about.  The instruction sheet is in Chinese.  I emailed the company but they
never responded.

Does anyone have experience with this item or have some thoughts on how I
can get it going again?  I have now started up some DIY CO2, but the problem
is I go off for up to a month at a time so I have difficulty keeping it

Thanks for the help.

Paul Lundberg