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Re: Laterite

>>I don't think those clumps -can- be broken. I've tried. It's like trying
grind gravel. I think it's been kiln fired into a ceramic like material.
Which makes most of it pretty useless. It's my understanding that the import
regulations require the extra processing to be sure there is nothing alive
in it. Which explains the cost of the Dupla. My LFS says that Dupla is
developing a synthetic replacement material that has similar

First Layer is pretty chunky... Duplarit is as fine as sand. And its really
not all that expensive! At least from me! :) I hadnt heard anything about
Dupla going synthetic, and I really dont think any USA restrictions on the
import of soils applies to laterite aqaurium products. The laterite has been
processed, refined, and most likely enhanced.

Robert Paul Hudson