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Re: Laterite

Hey gang,

Ian wrote:
>>.Anyone using First Layer Pure Laterite from API?
And if so, could you 
let me know what you think of it, as I'm planning on
using it soon. I'm 
particularly interested in knowing if it causes cloudy
water, etc.

Also, any advice on how much Laterite I should add?<<

Well Ian, if cloudy water is a concern, then laterite
stinks. Basically aquascaping is not as easy with this
material as with some others....notably Flourite or
Onyx. If growing plants is goal number one then
laterite will be fine, but if you plan to move and
tweak this tank then you'll want to go with a tidier

Now, I know that Flourite and Onyx are a *bit* on the
pricey side, but fear not. You can cut yout expense in
half or more by "capping" your Flourite with blasting
grit. Just lay about an inch of Flourite on the
bottom, just like laterite except without the gravel
mixed in, and make the rest of your substrate gravel.
Any plant that needs it will get to the good stuff and
you'll have more money for TMG, Flourish, etc. 

I don't remember what a box of AP laterite costs, but
the aquascaping benefits will pay for the hassle of
laterite on your fine leaved plants;) Also, laterite
is more of a pain to prepare as well.

As for the first part of original question, any
laterite will do. Just break up the "clumps" that AP
laterite seems to come in.  

John Wheeler

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