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Re: Laterite

>>.Anyone using First Layer Pure Laterite from API?
And if so, could you
let me know what you think of it, as I'm planning on
using it soon. I'm
particularly interested in knowing if it causes cloudy
water, etc.<<

Yes it does. Dupla's Duplarit laterite on the other hand doesn't seem to at
all. Its not a probelm when it is mixed with gravel at the very bottom of
the substrate and covered with 2" or more of gravel. I am able to uproot and
move plants without clouding the water, and regardless wether you use
laterite, or an inert clay gravel like Flourite, it is still not a good idea
too disturb the substrate to a great degree. Not because you will cloud the
water with clay dust, but you unearth all sorts of nasties. I like the
results I get from laterite and being able to use any type of gravel or sand
I want with it.

I also have tanks with Flourite or Schultz, and they grow well too.

Robert Paul Hudson