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Hello Paul:

> It probably is bacterial.  If soil is dried, there is often a lot of
> bacterial growth when it is placed in water.  This never happens when
> soil has been kept moist.  It is good to keep moist soil in a loosely
> covered container  for a week or two before use, especially if you
> have added peat or manure.

Yeah it was a bit dry......
> Another possible reason for the slime would be alcohols, sugars, etc.
> somehow getting in the tank from the yeast bottle.

Nope not that one.....

> Pond snails love bacterial films and should multiply and clean up the
> slime in short order.

NO WAY! I might try some ramshorns if I can find them (funny thing that
- normally they're all over, but the locals have been assiduously
eliminating them to the point where I can't get them!) , but pond
snail....never again!!
> As long as the water is decently oxygenated, the fish should be ok,
> and the bacteria will eventually finish consuming the organics they
> are using for food, and the slime should go away in time.  Some
> people have reported persistent slime growing on driftwood.

No fish as yet - like to leave soil tanks for a month or so before
adding fish. Been away for a while - tank is showing some good growth,
but some idiot played with the CO2 and pulled it out of the tank.   

Thanks very much.