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Re: CO2 eats acrylic

> The owner of a LFS just told me that CO2 ruins acrylic tanks.  He says
> he was so informed by an acrylic tank supplier, and showed me some damage
> allegedly due to CO2. Is there any truth to this?
> David Brown

No, it doesn't. I make CO2 reactors, as do a number of folks, out of
acrylic. Thin walled acrylic will splinter as many makers will try to use
acrylic that is too thin in order to reduce cost/weight etc. The tanks last
for a few years but after 5-10 years they get bowed or cracked etc.
If you have a choice, get custom thicknesses and add some overkill to your
tank if you can. Then it will last. I have seen some very old CO2 plant
tanks with CO2 that are acrylic. Perhaps the LFS is confusing the thin
crappy tanks with a good quality acrylic tank. It's not the CO2 though.

CO2 will eat up lower grade rubbers(Rio) but nice silicone suction cups are
much less effected(Ebo jagers).

Glass tanks are nice but heavier. Most all glass is green/much harder,
acrylic is clear, softer.

Tom Barr