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RE: Milwaukee Monitor

Cavan Wrote

Another suggestion: I used the Pinpoint monitor a couple years ago. I
they cost about $90 or so. I switched to Milwaukee Instruments model SMS 122
when I started keeping planted tanks. It is a monitor and also a controller,
and only costs $10 more than the Pinpoint unit. Great if you want to
your CO2 addition. Can also be used as a monitor only. I have three of them
going now. No problems.

I have the same Milwaukee SMS 122 and have found it to be a good value.
Bought it from Custom Aquatic for 99 dollars.
It is however susceptible to drift. In two months mine drifted .2 ( when it
was reading 6.5 the ph was 6.3 ) So now I calibrate every month with
Pinpoint Ph calibration packs available locally for 99 cents. Works fine.