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Re: Ghost Shrimp (feeding frenzy!)

Samuel asked about ghost shrimp
>I was thinking about dumping 100 ghost shrimp into my 75 gallon tank to 
>take care of my algae problems. Has anyone ever put in this many? There's
>plenty of hiding places for the shrimp so I'm hoping most survive the
>onslaught of my bluegills and cichlids.

Hmm... I've added 24-36 to a 29G tank at one time, so the ratios are pretty 
close.  They will increase the bioburden substantially, but they're great 
scavengers and will eat anything the fish don't.

Unfortunately, they don't stand a chance against bluegills.  Cichlids is 
vague, but most people that refer to "cichlids" usually are talking about 
big South Americans (eg Convicts, red devils etc).  If that is the case, the 
shrimp are doomed.  So are any plants really.

Also, not to preach, but keeping blue gills and "cichlids" together in a 75G 
tank is probably not wise, both from a health and ecological standpoint...

I've said it before to others -- people really need to evaluate what kind of 
tank they hope to have (planted garden, fish-only, biotope etc) and THEN 
pick fish that can live together that are appropriate for the tank 
conditions.  Blue gills and S.A. cichlids will quickly outgrow a 75G tank.  
It may seem roomy now, but time and fish food will change that quickly...

Before anyone on this list can offer advice though, it would help to know 
more about the tank conditions.  For the most part, you can find excellent 
answers to most questions at www.thekrib.com...

Algae is the least of your problems!!


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