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Re: Ghost Shrimp (feeding frenzy!)

> I've said it before to others -- people really need to evaluate what kind
> tank they hope to have (planted garden, fish-only, biotope etc) and
> pick fish that can live together that are appropriate for the tank=20
> conditions.  Blue gills and S.A. cichlids will quickly outgrow a 75G tank.
> It may seem roomy now, but time and fish food will change that quickly...

I've kept bluegills for many many years. The trick is to take them from
lakes or ponds where they are stunted. The max they get is 5-7 inches or so
but are usually smaller. Bluegills are happy with their little corner of the
world in a fish tank and are not traveling fish so they dont need much space
to roam. They find a hole and live there. I keep green bluegills which are
one step down from the most agressive bluegill (warmouth) and they go very
well with my african cichlids. The tank biotype is a dense lake scene with a
tree stump, tree branches, rocks, and plants - the natural habitat of the
bluegills. I had the cichlids in a typical african cichlid tank (rocks and
gravel and that's it) and most were extremely hostile or hid quite a bit.
Now all cichlids swim around and seem to be much more happier then before. I
attirbute that to the plants. The cichlids and bluegills interact with no
problem. Neither eat the plants or dig them up. My cichlids were quite the
little diggers but stopped digging once the tanked changed to a planted
tank. As for too big for the tank all have plenty of room to roam.