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Re: algae pics

Robert H wrote:

> A gentleman named Ghazanfar, (who got the cover photo on TAG) 

A small correction here. Ghazanfar's tank will be in the next TAG as the 
"Featured Tank." Congratulations, Ghazanfar! But the Featured Tank will 
not always be on the cover. That is an entirely different decision, with 
more factors to weigh in than how nice the tank is. For example, Karen 
and I consider such factors as how well the photo will reproduce, 
whether the resolution of the image is high enough, and whether there is 
room in the photo for the necessary lettering without making it look too 
busy and hard to look at. That decision has not been made yet for the 
next issue of The Aquatic Gardener.

But it will be great, whatever it is!

Cheryl Rogers
Who does the layout for TAG
The Aquatic Gardeners Association