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Re: turtle

>      From: BErney1014 at aol_com 
>      Date: Thu, 15 Aug 2002 19:04:40 EDT 
> >He said sliders are
> >vegetarians, and the bigger they are the more strictly vegetarian they
> >get.  I dunno if this one would go for worms; I'll relay the information.
> >Thanks.
> Yeah, they are and they have a avid following of lovers. 

Yes, I've discovered that.  It's been a long time since so many strangers
have called me an a-hole.

> Don't kill the turtle. Move it to a new location. 
> Sliders are basking turtles. They will climb onto something to lift 
> themselves out of the water to sun. Place a board surrounded by net with long 
> lines. When he climbs onto the board to bask net him.

I've contacted the East Texas Herpetological Society and am waiting for
their reply.  Also received several helpful email replies regarding how to
catch or kill the turtle.  I hope he catches it and moves it to a swampy
area on the San Jacinto river a few miles away, but since I'm trying to
help from 1100 miles away I don't really know what will happen.

Best regards,