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RE: Bristling with Excitement

>Then my lfs finally got in bushynose plecos (a.k.a. bristlenose pleco,
>bushynose cat,bristlenose cat, etc.).  Extraordinary difference!  A
>little of these goes a long way, even scrubbing the anubias.  They
>might get a bit aggressive with the anubias now and then (or so I've
>heard) but the barbs chew up a few leaves now and then anyway.  I don't
>mind the natural appearance of a few bitten leaves.

I have an bristlenose in my 55 gallon planted tank, and I love the guy!
Other than the fact that he is very good at hiding among all those plants
and I don't see him often! My problem was algae that would grow all over the
rocks and driftwood. Now, I don't mind some, but when you can't tell what
the heck it -is- under all that...  Now, all that stuff is squeaky clean,
thanks to Mr. Bristly!  :)  And I don't really see a lot damage to any of my
plants. Yes, a few leaves have a few holes, but it isn't anything serious-
and could be the barbs, as well.

>I might have a Frankensteinian situation -- it looks good now but will
>soon go out of control  (for you younger readers, think "Little Shop of
>Horrors").  When all the algae is gone, will they eat me out of tank
>and home?  I'm shopping zucchini futures just in case :-)

I don't think so- at least not if mine are any indication. I pop an algae
disc in there 2 or 3 times a week, zucchini slices now and again when I have
'em, and he seems very happy.

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