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Re: toxicity of tri-sodium phosphate and the planted aquarium

Daphne Freeman said, in part:

> I have a pair of incredible bonsai scissors . . .To sanitize them, I
would soak them in a Tri-sodium
> phosphate
> and water solution. It drives off the oxygen when saturated in water
> and
> allows you to sanitize cutting instruments. It is sold in the
> painting
> section at Home Depot but I have no idea what painters use it for.  

It is used as a mild abrasive and is used in scrubbing cleansers, by
painters preparing walls for paint, and sometimes by woodfinishers that
want to polish a dried or cured film finish (like varnish) to a hand
(or machine) polished shine.  I think it's also one of the abrasives in
some toothpastes -- you'd be surprised what's in toothpaste beside
titanium dioxide :-O

Scott H.

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