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Re: Bristling with Excitement

Scott H. wrote in reference to bushynose pleco -

> Now, if they only came small enough to fit in a 15 gallon tank.

Ancistrus temminckii might be what you are looking for.  A. temminckii is
listed as a syn. for A. dolichopterus in Baensch, page 486, Vol. 1.  Baensch
lists the length of temminckii at 4.75".  I have a pair that I bought at
about 3/4" probably 18 months ago and they are about 3"  or slightly less
today.  Now have 1 or 2 youngsters in the tank from this pair.  haven't seen
two young at the same time for a while.  Most importantly, they are well
behaved in the plant environment.  Don't appear to gnaw plants, do not upset
delicate plants, and tirelessly are nibbling at the glass, gravel, and wood.
The only plant of mine that they tend to spend time on is the Bolbitus.

My guess is that many folks would find a 15 gal. large enough for this fish.
Certainly worth a try if you could start with a couple of young ones.
Perhaps someone else will chime in here.  I am not a big pleco fan, but
these little ones are winning me over.  OTH, maybe these creatures are like
the you choose a name flag fish.  Some behave well, some don't?

Jay Reeves