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RE: Bacterial Clouds

I had a crystal clear tank for years. Then I moved and for the last 2 YEARS
I could not get clear water. I tried everything from different lights,
different flow, UGF's, Accu-clear, stopped feeding my fish for two weeks,
changed foods, went to church, chanted, so on and so on. I finally broke
down and bought a 9 watt PC UV sterilizer and hooked it up to a 145GPH pump.
This solved my problem. I figured what's the point of having a beautiful
tank if it looked like crap because it was always cloudy. For $75 bucks it
was WELL worth it. I know that in the best of worlds I should have continued
to try to find the cause of the problem and most likely it was food based
but hey I might as well let technology cover the problem up for me. =) Now
if I could only get my tree trunk to stop dumping tannin into the water...