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Re: Serving Suggestion

Bobby Joseph said:
 > I have some frozen Hikari daphnia, and was wondering if people just
 > throw the whole frozen cube into the tank and let the fish nibble
 > on a fozen cube or you thaw it out first and then, I guess, just
 > dump it into the aquarium slowly. What I do is pop a cube out onto
 > a film containor lid, place that on the lights so it thaws out
 > quicker, and then slowly dispense it into the aquarium via eye
 > dropper. Sometimes the fish eat out of the eye dropper like a
 > hamster drinks water out of one of those bottles. Talk about a lot
 > of work! And time consuming! Or am I just dumb for buying Hikari's
 > frozen daphnia?

That about sums up how I feed it. I usually feed a cube of daphnia along 
with a cube of bloodworms or tubifex worms. The rams really go crazy and 
bite the eye dropper as soon as I put it in.