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Re: nutrient IV drips?

On Friday 02 August 2002 01:48, Paul K. wrote:

> I think the opinion pendulum is swinging way too far in the direction
> of too frequent additions of nutrients that can actually be added
> much less frequently.  Let's look at the various groups of nutrients
> and see if we can determine which ones have to be added frequently,
> and which do not.


I agree with Paul.  Another point to keep in mind is that plants can take up 
and store at least some nutrients when concentrations are relatively high, 
then use the stored nutrients when concentrations are low.  This is true in 
many species for iron and probably for other metals as well.

We don't need to maintain constant levels of iron or other nutrients that can 
be stored and used as needed.  Personally I dose weekly and the plants are 
fine.  I think the equipment for continuous dosing might satisfy some 
aquarists' need to hang more and more gadgets off their tanks.  Certainly the 
plants don't need it.

Roger Miller