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Re: Sag's

John wrote:

> I guess by "nice" I meant growing into its potential.
> It's funny how we manipulate our plants to fill our
> needs. It used to be popular with swords to stunt them
> by using meager substrates and hard pruning....it may
> still be popular, I don't know. I do it w/ Riccia, as
> do many others. This is just another example, I guess,
> to grow Sagittaria in lower light to serve as a

Growing at "full potential" is generally not a good thing.  I personally don't want my giant hygro to grow into a 4-foot tall flowering bush.

Recall that many--probably most--of our aquarium plants don't reach their potential unless they grow emergent or in the case of many stem plants, spreading at the water surface.  Most of us discourage that sort of growth.  The reasons are practical as well as aesthetic.

Roger Miller