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Re: Sag's

Hey gang,

Roger Miller wote:
>>Growing at "full potential" is generally not a good
thing.  I personally don't want my giant hygro to grow
into a 4-foot tall flowering bush.<<

Yeah, yeah, yeah...You also don't want to empty the
media out of your filter to get max flow, or wrap your
Anubias in black plastic because it can tolerate low
light. We just don't do those things....Just like a 4'
Hygrophila bush wouldn't be so great in our aquariums.
We don't do that.

>>Recall that many--probably most--of our aquarium
plants don't reach their potential unless they grow
emergent or in the case of many stem plants, spreading
at the water surface.  Most of us discourage that sort
of growth.  The reasons are practical as well as

There is an ideal, and generally accepted growth form
for each of our species including: color, size, growth
direction, and speed. Depending on your tanks set-up,
with regards to "technology" (haha!!), will affect
these factors. 

So, with regards to plants meeting their "full
potential", this is kinda moot. Wild, emergent growth
will never be a legitimate, broad-reaching, goal for
us in the aquarium, but there certainly are healthy
and stunted plants to be distinguished between.

Read: "I understand your point, but I think that
sometimes we accept our manipulated and contorted
flora as proper. By "nice Sag" and "potential" I just
meant healthy.

John Wheeler

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