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Re: Sag's

Hey gang,

Roger Miller wrote:
>>I suppose that depends on what you think of as
really nice sag.  I want it to stay low and small and
spread.  I have it growing in the foreground of 
a 38 gallon tank with 60 watts of NO fluorescent and
I'm pleased.  With more light it got bigger and
outgrew its aesthetic role in my tanks.<<

Well, I suppose. When I grow S. subulata in my tanks
with higher light, they tend to get taller, yes, but
also more vibrant and wider leaved. The green is also
lighter....closer to Riccia green.

The ones I have in the less light tank stay *much*
shorter, but more importantly seem to stay a dull,
"forest" green. More like Java fern, or moss.

I guess I never thought of S. subulata as much of a
foreground specimen, although I guess in a big enough
tank, or in low enough light it could be done. I have
some now that started at 4" and are now beginning to
reach the top of a 29 gallon tank (18")......I guess
Barry James was right;)

I guess by "nice" I meant growing into its potential.
It's funny how we manipulate our plants to fill our
needs. It used to be popular with swords to stunt them
by using meager substrates and hard pruning....it may
still be popular, I don't know. I do it w/ Riccia, as
do many others. This is just another example, I guess,
to grow Sagittaria in lower light to serve as a

John Wheeler

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