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Re: Donut/dry land tanks

And what happens when the spot algae begins to grow on all of the glass?

Can you stick your hand in there and scrape it off? Now it's no longer just
3 or 4 sides, but now it's 7 or 8 sides of glass. With no space to maneuver.

This is an idea that came and went and now its back again. It went because
of the mess it turns into.

A good saying that applies here: "The devil is in the detail."
Augustine Rodriguez
Rice Lake, WI USA

> Roger said about the dry land tank surrounded by a larger, water-filled tank.
> << > Honestly, I fail (utterly and miserably) to understand *why* someone
>> would  want to do that. >>
> This reminds me a bit of the "planted aquarium as art" discussion that raged
> last year.   One view held that there were certain "rules" or "guidelines"
> that should be applied to the design of an aquarium; Another view held for a
> more relaxed position.