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Potassium alternative?

Alright, my first post.  I've been looking for k2so4 in the houston area and 
can't find it.  Have a pharmacy friend, and he says they have no k2so4.  
Looked in several garden and fertilizer shops, no one has heard of sulfate 
of potash, or of all green or green all, whatever it is.  Went to this one 
store they had this fertilizer called k-meg made by the american plant food 
corporation.  it's npk is 0-0-22.  it says for contents: 22% soluable 
              22% sulfur
              11% magnesium
does it sound good enough as a substitute?  of course i'll have to 
re-calculate the amount i have to put.  any fear of over dosing the sulfur 
or magnesium?  it was real cheap too, 50 cents a pound.  Thanks!

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