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Re: Donut/dry land tanks

Roger said about the dry land tank surrounded by a larger, water-filled tank.

<< > Honestly, I fail (utterly and miserably) to understand *why* someone
 > would  want to do that. >>

This reminds me a bit of the "planted aquarium as art" discussion that raged 
last year.   One view held that there were certain "rules" or "guidelines" 
that should be applied to the design of an aquarium; Another view held for a 
more relaxed position.

We see aquariums with little houses in them, with carefully sculpted paths 
leading to them.  We see beautiful mermaids with fish gently picking algae 
from their fins.  So why not a submerged-but-dry island surrounded by 

What do you think of a stream habitat with flowing long leafed plants, 
surrounding a dry land tank with, say, water voles in it?  Or, maybe hamsters 
or gerbils would be better; the voles might go for a swim and get the 
pseudo-pike or bass.

Slightly tongue-in-cheek,