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Re: diy GFCI extension cord -- or - Finding Fault the Easy Way

Gordon L. Mc Lellan said, in part:

> The main reason I chose external over in-wall was I'm renting an
> apartment, and would rather not mess with 'their' wiring.

That's one very good reason for going the portability route.  Besides,
once you install the GFCI receptacle it stops being personalty and
becomes part of the realty, i.e., the landlord's property   ;-)  . 
Another advantage of the homemade GFCI cord is that you can pick high
quality GFCIs that are less likely to get a false trip.

Whichever route you go, rememeber that safety devices don't do nuttin
unless they're workin.  So test your GFCI regularly -- conventional
wisdom say monthly.  Maybe test it just before you put your hands inthe
water for that serious monthly (biweekly) pruning.  Of course, reset
the GFCI after you take your hand out of the water.  :-)

Aquatics should not give you a buzz,
Scott H.

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