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Re:Re:Re: Modular substrate

 Robert H said:
> The drip trays you mention are only
> about an inch or an inch and a half deep. The cheapest plastic pots I
> find at Home depot were over $2 and defenetly the wrong size.  They came
> pink and yellow. I also shop at greenhouse wholesale supplies and found
> plastic trays that were either way too big, or had a slotted bottom that
> ping pong ball size gravel could fall through. But hey, I live in
> Oregon...we are a little backward compared to you high tech California
> people :)
Yes Robert, it is a lot easier than putting a system together. The trays are
6.5" wide by 7" long. And I believe 2.5 inches tall so when you cover with
gravel you get 2.75" - 4" depending. And they are perfect for planting and
fertilizing. The trick is to plant several species at angles in the pots to
get a way from the uniform look which is what I have done. Also the foam
matrix is designed to hold the heater cable and not disintegrate over time.
So far so good. Don M.