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My 15-gal with 3WPG

Hello guys,

I have read a few posts regarding algae problem or fear of algae attack.  I
am starting to feel a little lucky.  I have no serious algae problem since
I started this hobby.  I have been doing something right without knowing
how.  Perhaps I can share some information on my tank and hope that I can
be of some help.

Dimension:  2ft x 1ft x 1 ft (approx. 15gal)
Lights:  1x15W FL + 1x36W CF
pH:  6.5-7.0
kH:  4-5
GH:  8-10
temperature:  30C (86F)
NO3:  >20ppm (beyond my test kit range)
PO4:  >5ppm  (beyond my test kit range)
Fe:  0.25ppm
K:  not tested
(adding about 40ppm on top of what is in my tap at water changes and adding
about 2ppm every 2 days)
CO2:  CO2 cylinder, injected via ceramic diffuser
Substrate: plain gravel

Fish load (high):  18 cardinals, 4 ottos, 2 SAE, 3 german rams, 6 corys

Vallisneria americana
Hydrocotyle leucocephala
Eleocharis acicularis
Elatine triandra
Echindorus tenellus
Hygrophila stricta
Hygrophila deformis
Lobelia cardinalis
Nymphea sp (red tiger lily)

Daily - Seachem Flourish Excel(1.5ml)
Every 2 days - Seachem Flourish(0.75ml), Potassium(2ppm)
Every week - Dennerle S7
Every 2 months - Seachem Flourish tabs
Weekly 50% water change with added Seachem Equilibrium

According to some people, with the fish load, NO3 & PO4 level and high
temperature I have, I will definitely have algae problem.  But so far, I
have only one BBA outbreak which I controlled will increased CO2.(Thanks to
info from the APD.)  Now, once a month, I just have to scrape the tank
walls of some green spot algae and pick out some blackish hair-like algae
from among my hairgrass.  I do have some nice looking moss-like algae on my
drift wood and I left it alone.

I am not sure what was right about the tank.  But I hope it can help.

BC (Singapore)