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Re:Re: Modular substrate

>>They make those liners for pots so that the water doesn't mess up your
furniture when you water your house plants. They make round and square
Also, the very same pots I use for my crypts, they are 4x4 inches and 5
inches deep can simply be cut down to what ever height one chooses. Toss
some sand in the front edge etc and there you go.
Those pots run about 3 $ for 16 or so.<<

Well, you must have a different Home Depot that whats in my neigborhood. I
have spent several hundred dollars there buying plants to landscape my
Mothers property, and filling an arboretium with potted plants. I searched
high and low for all sorts of pots. The drip trays you mention are only
about an inch or an inch and a half deep. The cheapest plastic pots I could
find at Home depot were over $2 and defenetly the wrong size.  They came in
pink and yellow. I also shop at greenhouse wholesale supplies and found
plastic trays that were either way too big, or had a slotted bottom that
ping pong ball size gravel could fall through. But hey, I live in
Oregon...we are a little backward compared to you high tech California
people :)

Robert Paul Hudson