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Re: Re:Re:Re: Modular substrate

>>Yes Robert, it is a lot easier than putting a system together. The trays
6.5" wide by 7" long. And I believe 2.5 inches tall so when you cover with
gravel you get 2.75" - 4" depending. And they are perfect for planting and
fertilizing. The trick is to plant several species at angles in the pots to
get a way from the uniform look which is what I have done. Also the foam
matrix is designed to hold the heater cable and not disintegrate over

Are the trays slotted at all? Is there any way for the roots to go thru the
pots and get tangled in the foam? Putting aside for the moment who the
manufacturer is and that it is some sort of glorified whatever in some
peoples minds... what are the benefits of a potted growing system? Is their
truth to the claim it keeps a cleaner more controlled substrate? Has anyone
here done a very major substrate cleaning in very mature tanks...like every
five years? I've read the dutch do this. Would this system make that job any

Robert Paul Hudson