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Re: Re: grey slime

> >I haven't noticed any of these things. It looks,
> >actually, just like grey
> >cobwebs "draped" over my bunch plants, from one
> >plant to the next. 
> That could be it.  Are there upward strands that
> pearl?  I hated that stuff!

There are strands that pearl alright... 

> >This stuff is still attached to the plants, not
> free->floating, so I don't
> >see what the UV would do. 
> It kills the cells floating through the water.  You
> remove the rest.  


> >It's kind of icky to remove... It "dissolves"
> >when I grab it 
> Sure sounds like it to me.  
> >and little itty bits float away... Is that what the
> >UV is
> >for?
> No.  Suck it up with a baster and shoot it through a
> brine shrimp net.  

Brine shrimp net... I can dig some of those out. Great idea!

> >I'm not sure whether I can scrounge up enough for a
> >UV--I'm still in high
> >school, LOL!--but I'll see about it if it's really
> >necessary...
> Do you belong to your local fish club or know anybody
> that has one?  See if you can borrow one that runs off
> a powerhead for a week or so.  You won't need it after
> that.  If you have what I think you do, it WILL be
> necessary.   

I can ask around at the SFAS meeting Friday night. Although, I'm not
necessarily comfortable borrowing *expensive* equipment... :-P

> Cavan


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