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Re: Carpeting algae -- BGA -- Erythromicin

John W. Lemons III, said, in poart:

> Also, I think most everyone here will agree that there are beneficial
> bacteria in our tanks, and erythromycin is not very selective in what
> it
> will kill.  It will kill gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria
> indiscriminately.  So, you could end up totally screwing up the
> micro-ecosystem in your tank.  This could take a while to recover,
> and in
> the mean time, your fish and plants may suffer from the unstable
> chemistry
> this can cause.

Well, I never crashed a biofilter using eryth-.  Anyway, doesn't it
actually favor gram-positive bactieria?  As I recall, BGA doesn't show
positive for the Gram stain but is one of the gram-negs that is
susceptible to the eryth-.

> Although unlikely, indiscriminate use of antibiotics can also lead to
> the
> rise of resistant bacteria.  The last thing you want is to not be
> able to
> treat an infection when truly necessary.
> If one is in a hurry to get rid of it, Maracyn will work short term
> but DOES
> have risks.  But its NOT a long term cure, nor is it completely safe
> or
> effective.

But this is mostly word of mouth, not much data behind exposure
frequency, life-cycles, devlolpment of resistance.
>  Correcting the root cause is the only real cure, 
Hmmm, I don't hink you can cure something that's always around.  You
cna beat the bugger back into the bushes, so to speak, but that's about

Right now, personally, I prefer the non-meds method.

Scott H.

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