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Date: Mon, 03 Jun 2002 22:10:59 -0400
 From: James Foley <foleyjames at shaw_ca>
Subject: DIY CO2 problem

James wrote:
I used to use DIY CO2 on a 20 gallon tank. (snip)
Now that I have another 20 going I though I would try it again. Same 
luck. Not a single bubble.

I have very little experience with DIY CO2. I tried it a while back 
and had inconsitent results, mostly cause I didn't know enough about 
planted tanks. One thing I did notice with DIY CO2 was the the yeast 
needed a certain amount of heat to get going. Most of the time, I 
only had to put the yeast set up on the lights for it to work. Thats 
my 2 cents. 

I love my pressurized CO2. i have to thank this list. I've followed 
the advice and my tank is the best it's ever been. Algae of all 
varieties is on the run and almost nonexistent, plants are pearling 
and growing rapidly... one question, I'm about to start adding 
substrate fertilizer made up of PMDD and A.R.T. clay (from plantguild 
products). What is the interplay of PMDD drops and this fertilizer, 
will I need less drops per day once I start using this substrate 
fertilizer? Thanks.

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