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Red Flame Sword Babies to benefit Defense Fund

Hi everyone,

I have a beautiful Red Flame sword that currently has three spikes with young 
plants growing on them. I also have a young Red Flame obtained thru a trade. 
I have eight plants ready to go and several more on the way.

Here's the deal: I want $10 + $4 for shipping = $14 total for each plant. I 
will donate the $10 price for each plant to the Defense Fund.

I also have a baby Veronica Sword that I will sell for $8 = $4 shipping = $12 
total and donate the plant price to the Fund.

Red Flames are beautiful and almost never seen in the trade. I can email a 
pic to anyone interested. 

The Red Flame these babies are off of came to me from Diana Berberich, one of 
our fellow APD members.

Email me off list if you are interested.


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