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RE: OT tank question

You can replace a factory brace between the front and back pane of glass in
an aquarium.

Get yourself a piece of unbeveled 1/4 inch glass.

Fit it to the space between the front pane and rear pain of glass in your
aquarium. Width should be in ratio to the tank.  I repaired my 150 (no
longer own it) in this manor.  Due to the tank size I made the brace about
1.5 or 2 feet wide.   Thoroughly clean the glass with acetone or denatured
alchohol.  Also, clean what is left of the plastic frame.  Now apply
silicone to the two panes of glass, that you had centered the piece of glass
on before, right up were they meet the lip of the frame, and as long as the
glass brace is wide.  Apply some silicone to the ends of the brace also.
Now pull the glass brace up between the front and rear panes of glass and
make sure it is centered.  You then need to clamp it somehow.  I used a
military cotton web belt with the Marine style cinch on it.  (all I had at
the time, adapt and overcome and all that. )

Leave this for 24 to 48 hours to set.

Make sure to test fill the tank before going to all the trouble of setting
it up.