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Too much red?

Can you have "too much red" in a planted aquarium?

Several weeks ago, Tom Barr persuaded me that my dosing levels were way
to low and talked this "old fish guy" and "scared novice plant guy" into
adding MonoPottasium Phosphate and essentially quadrupling my KNO3 and
K2SO4 dosing levels.  The increased plant growth has been quite
noticeable, but what has been striking is the intensity of color!  Pale
pinkish red is now a brilliant burgundy, pale red is a deep burgundy
maroon, dull greens are now almost a luminescent glimmering green, deep
dark greens have a shiny brilliance, and dull red browns are turning to
a leathery bronze.  The colors are exciting and phenomenal!

Last night I did a major pruning and trim job, topped a lot of plants
and replanted them.  There is still a lot of ascetic re-arranging that
needs to be done.  However, what stopped me last night was almost a
sense that there was too much "red" or at least the visual brilliance of
the red was almost overpowering.  I would estimate that in terms of
mass, that red accounts for less than 5% of the total plant volume.  But
in terms of visual appearance, to me it is quite dominating.

My "instinct" is telling me that it may not be the quantity or
brilliance of the red, but rather the location that is distracting
(irritating) me <GRIN>.

So from an ascetic or "aquascaping" point of view - Can you have "too
much red" in a planted aquarium?

Here is a new picture

Greg aka Newsletter