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Re: Too much red?

"Newsletter " <Newsletter at BrazeltonHotels_com> wrote:
> So from an ascetic or "aquascaping" point of view - Can you have "too
> much red" in a planted aquarium?

I don't recall where I read about this (I think I need a brain
transplant too...)
It was a list of items a Dutch-type aquarium should follow to be
considered "true 
Dutch". One of these rules talked about the use of red plants. Precisely
of this visual overpowering you describe, they recommend that only one
red plant 
be used, and with moderation. It should act as a focal point, using up a
fraction of the aquascape, as you would use a strong colored item in a
Sorry I can't recall the reference, I would look it up an post it here
if I find it.

- Ivo Busko
  Baltimore, MD

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