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Re: Ah Supply Lights - bulbs

Gary Lange wrote:
> After I saw this post I took another look at the brand new 55 watt  5300
> bulb that I just received with my new light kit.  No mention on the bulb at
> all that it's anything but a 55 watt.  Ditto for the 6400 backup bulb I
> purchased from them a month or so ago and the same for the actinic bulb.  I
> think instead of driving these with a different ballast you ought to give
> Kim a call and see whether you got a 75 watt by mistake.  All mine are
> stamped on the base 55 watt.
> Gary Lange
> gwlange at mindspring_com

I wasn't looking at the ink stamp, I was looking at the raised plastic
letters on the base.

Jerry Baker

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