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Re: Ah Supply Lights

Wayne Jones wrote:
> If the lamp is 2' long it is a 40, 50 or 55 watt lamp. The 55 watt lamps
> are designed to work at 55 watts. You can overdrive them if you like
> just remove one of the lamps from a dual lamp ballast and order an extra
> ballast for the other lamp. You can also probably just get the next size
> up Fulham ballast if they have one. When you do this you will shorten
> the life and impair the lumen maintenance of an already short lived and
> expensive lamp. Still doesn't make sense to me.
> Wayne

I guess there is still a misunerstanding. At the base of these bulbs are
raised letters that say "75W". I was asking if this meant that the bulb
was indeed 75 watts. I wasn't asking about buying new ballasts or
overdriving them.

Jerry Baker