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Re: purposely try to screw things up

SleetScat at aol_com at SleetScat at aol_com wrote:

> Does anybody on the list have a tank where they purposely try to screw things
> up to see how fast they can get things back in "order?" Maybe I'm just crazy
> or a person with a lot of time on my hands but I look at algae not as a
> problem but a challenge to test my abilities. To that end, I have one tank
> that I constantly experiment with just to see what will happen. Does anybody
> else do that or should I begin to use my mental health benefits?

I sometimes let my tank get screwed up, but it's more because I get lazy
about maintenance than doing anything purposely (although my wife says
that's one and the same thing...hard to argue with it). The end results are
about the same: everything goes to hell. It does produce some interesting
results, most of which aren't desireable. Ever see a massive java moss
crash? Pretty ugly. The good part is getting to try new species of plants to
replace the ones that didn't survive.

Dan Dixon