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Re: Fancy Airstones and DIY applicability

I'll be very curious to know whether it works with a yeast CO2 generator.  I have amassed a huge collection of airstones trying to find the one that produces the finest bubbles.  I always end up going back to the Tetra stones for UGF airlift tubes.  Anything finer works for a day or two but then either clog up, or the water pressure at depth (around 18" in my 46 gal. tank) ends up winning the battle and no CO2 escapes.  Indeed, given the loud hiss of gas when I release the pressure (via a 3-way valve I use to stop bubbling at night when the yeast are really cranking) I am surprised that the yeast bottle hasn't blown up!  I've noticed that when I pinch the airline closed and replace the Tetra stone with one that make's finer bubbles, thereby keeping the pressure already built up, the finer stones only work at all when they go in dry.  I haven't invested in one of the ceramic diffusers because I am guessing that they will end up with the same problem.  If you already have one !
and are willing to give it a try, by all means let us know!


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