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Re: The English too thought there were too many Scots

SleetScat at aol_com said about APD members named "Scott":
>(Is there anyway to stop anymore Scotts from joining
> the 
> list? I was already being beaten to the smart aleck comments by Scott
> H on a 
> regular basis and then the other day, another Scott beat me to the
> punch 
> line. No more Scotts and especially, no more wisenheimer Scotts!) 

Since we know membership is not limited by name or personality, you'll
need a different tack.  Not to worry.  For one day have dinner at lunch
time, then proceed thereafter with your daily routine on that slightly
forward shifted schedule.  Read you email as soon as you wake up.  If
that doesn't help, you can get a portable computer and a wireless
connection for continuous access to APD and read posts as they occur.

Hope that helps,
Scott H.

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