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Re: Barnacles on Drift wood

Madan Subramanian commented on problems with Barnacles on Drift wood:
> I got a piece of barnacled driftwood once. After 6 months of soaking
> in
> water under the open sun, I dumped it into Industrial grade HCl ( 40%
> HCl,
> what ever that means) and the damn thing kept bubbling for more than
> a week.
> Everyday I'd take it out and tap it on a rock in my garden and
> calcerous
> shells would pour out of the numerous holes and passages bored into
> it. Once
> the bubbling stopped it went back into the water under the sun with
> daily
> 100% water changes for a couple of weeks followed by boiling it a few
> times
> before I attached Java Fern and put it into my aquarium. The ferns
> are doing
> great now and I can't see the wood.
> So watch out before you play around with barnacled wood.

I believe this post came in response to my comments about
AquariumDriftwood.com's driftwood (DW) -- I was responding to Rachel
Sandage's request for help with smelly DW.

Madan points out what seems to be an especially greivous case of
"barnacled" DW.  Just to be fair, what with AquariumDriftwood having
been mentioned in the prior posts, I'd like to point out that the
material I've received from AquariumDriftwood arrived scrubbed and
bearing only occasional critters, not loaded with them.  I would buy DW
from them again.

I just recently bought some DW from AquaBotanic.  AB has entirely
different kinds of DW compared to the south USA swamp DW that AQ sells.
 I like all of them.

Scott H.

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