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Re: Plantex PMDD cheap trace mix

Mr. Barr wrote:

"I've put it off long enough.
I'm going to give the Plantex trace mix a try. It's extremely cheap and at
the rate I use traces, I'm considering using this product much the same way
I've used Flourish and TMG. Flourish has a broad spectrum and this doesn't."

Welcome to the dark side. Walk into the light, all are welcome....

If by "broad spectrum" you mean the ultra-trace elements, I think those come
with water changes, assuming reasonably hard tapwater.

"I am going to use the Sears Conlin recipe as a yardstick since so many use
that already. I'd like to be able to compare the mixture to Flourish and TMG

I think it way underdoses K. I use Gadd's calculator website and just dose
the dry elements until I get readings for Fe and N.

Speaking of K, I'm about out. Anyone still selling agri-grade K2SO4 online?