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More requests please, the fund needs your help

Joanna started it all by saying:
>My Christmas Moss, which I really think we should rename "Kwek Leong Moss"

Then JoAnn added fuel to fire when she wrote:
>Loh is an exceptional person and the Christmas Moss is a delightful
>addition to my aquarium.  You're among the finest human beings I know

And then Susan and Daphne got into the game when they proclaimed:
>Absolutely correct. KL is an *exceptional* person.
>He is a very nice gentleman.

Ladies, thanks for the nice compliments but please, I beg you, stop
heaping praises on me.  I know you all are in love with me :) and I
really hate to break your hearts but sorry, I'm in love with another.....
I known her long before I knew any of you.  She's always here and
she's the one who made all this possible.  Yes, you guess it right, ladies,
I love the List Mom :)

This is the best mailing list on the internet, without a doubt.

Jokes aside, folks, I got 11 requests today.  Your testimonials are working.

Loh K L