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Re: Onyx Sand and buffering

I'm glad to hear that the plants don't really care about the hardness.  My stem plants have really taken a hit, and I figured the new substrate would only affect my swords, crypts, dwarf sag.  I am familiar with moving plants from an established tank to a new tank and seeing the rooted plants do nothing for quite some time, and even lose a lot of otherwise healthy growth, but, usually my stem plants never miss a beat.  

The tank is a 38g
120 watts of 5000k
 5lb co2 cylinder
Kh 6 (after 8 gallons of RO water on Sunday)
Ph 7
1.5 tbs TMG 2 times a week
2 tbs leaf zone 2 times a week
jobes sticks under the swords and crypts

I wonder if my phosphates are to low? 

My plants start pearling within an hour of lights on, I just thought the hardness difference slowed the stem plant growth.  

I just had the 1 complaint about the buffering, and it's really a bigger deal to my fish than my plants, I just started keeping apisto's.  So, I will probably have to keep using RO until the Onyx runs out of gas and the hardness drops.  I do really like the stuff though.

I just remembered I had a seachem phosphate test.  The older tanks are at .05 and the new tank is at 0.0 unreadable.  

Does that make much difference?  

What should it be at? 

What do I use to get it at the proper level?

Where do I get it?


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