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Re: DIY for nitrate/ammonia test kits

Dr. Athale is asking about DIY methods for testing

I really have no 'real' education in the field of chemistry,
but since this question got not answered, I got even more
curios myself.
...and Yes, there are methods where you can get reliable and precise
results without using commercial available test kits.
Taken into account, you are able to get the chemicals involved
without buying a "Lifetime" supply.
Responsible handling and discharge of these chemicals should be in your
interest !
Back in the 50's & 60's, (Fish keepers) people did their own testing of
water parameters.
Methods who are leading to results are 50 - 100 years old and well
Test kits are a commercial invention, but results can be achieved by
simple chemical reactions.

I did a bit of research in my books and sure enough I came across
two "simple" methods to test for Nitrate/Ammonia.
..and other water parameters !

Chemist's here on the list should be able to confirm this
and put it in understandable language.

The information I could provide is written in German and
it would take me a heck of a lot of time to translate them.
Maybe some one can take this further.............