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Re: Christmas Moss and Cattapa leaves

>Hello Mr. Leong.  I am a "silent" (lurking?) member of the aquatic plants
>list.  I would
>be very interested in both the Christmas Moss and the Cattapa leaves (I
>breed Yin &
>Yang Bettas).  Can the defense funds be sent VIA PayPal?  And what costs
>would I
>owe you (and best payment method)?  Thank you.

Well, at least there's one more person who's interested in the Cattapa leaves.
I'm answering his questions here because I think there are many lurkers
in this mailing list who don't quite know what's going on yet.

You can make your donation to the defense fund through PayPal.  Go

You don't have to pay me anything.  Give whatever amount is comfortable
to you to the defense fund and write me with your mailing address after that.
I will send both the Christmas moss and Cattapa leaves to you if that's
what you want but it would mean sending 2 envelopes.  I hope that will
spur you to contribute a bit more to the fund.  Thank you.

For those who have ever received the moss from me, I need your testimony
here.  In the last few days, a few folks have written to me privately but they
seem reluctant to disclose their mailing address.  I suppose they are
just being careful.  I don't blame them really.  I would smell a rat too if
someone would to offer me something for free and pay for postage as well :)
Well, it isn't exactly free as you have to make a donation to the defense
fund first.  Please don't forget that.

Loh K L