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toxic chemicals answer for Denise

Denise asked:
"Since I have not received any responses from my post (flourite V4 #1679), I
am worried that I may be one of those new people who do not "wrap" their

No, there isn't anything wrong with your ability to post - word wrap is
working for you. I'm wondering what you mean by using "flourite" in your
latest post however, for the only other post you made this month talks about
laterite, not flourite. They aren't the same thing.

On March 9th, you asked:
"To make a long boring story very short, is it possible for laterite to
"toxic chemicals" and continue to leach them back into the water over a
period of time? If this is highly likely or even possible, should the entire
gravel/laterite substrate be then discarded? I hope one of you can answer
this vague question since the "chemical" in question remains unknown. Thank

So, what do you have in your substrate - flourite or laterite? Both are
natural materials and I've never heard of either of them leaching anything
even remotely toxic into the water. Either one can foul the water column
temporarily but this is harmless and will clear up.

What "toxic chemicals" do you suspect? What have you been putting into your
aquarium? What are the visible effects of this "toxic chemical"? What kind
of gravel are you using? Without more information, your "question" can't
really be answered. Are your fish experiencing difficulty?

James Purchase