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Re: Dust Algae

When I set up my 90, I did the math and installed 3 - 96 watt AH Supply CF
lamps in order to get 3 watts per gallon. Then I read that these lights are
160% efficient compared to the older lamps that the 3 watt rule is based on.
A combination of more efficient lamp and better reflector design. I turned
off one of the lamps and that reduced a lot of algae troubles. The green
dust persisted however, so I started running one lamp for 11 hours, and the
second lamp for the middle 4 hours of the photoperiod to simulate mid-day
intensity. It's too early to tell for sure, but this seems to be helping. I
also run a UV 24/7, inject CO2 and dose PMDD components. This tank has
mostly e. robustus (compacta) and e. parviflorous swords at the substrate.
They actually grew better with the lower light intensity. Go figure.