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Don recently asked:

> I've been wondering if any company has come up with a DIY yeast kit?

About two months ago, I was in to my local fish store (small town), and
we got talking about my plants since the owner often asks me about what
I am learning. It turned out that the Hagen rep. was in the store at
that moment, and I was introduced. The rep. then proceeded to tell me
that Hagen was coming out with exactly this - a DIY yeast kit for people
who do not know how to make one.

> A species of yeast that is tested to
> be stable under a variety of temps, as well as being able to handle
> additions when it slows down rather than requiring a fresh batch, allowing
> the same batch to go much longer before cleaning out the bottle.

This is just what he claimed was going to be introduced.

> Seems it would be cheap to sell and might get more people planting tanks,
> and is much less costly, complex, and removes the worries of having a
> pressurized CO2 canister in the house.

This was exactly Hagen's point. They would sell it "cheap" as an
introduction to plants for people who want to learn about the hobby. The
amount that comes to mind was $50.00 Canadian for the kit and $12.00
Canadian for the refill (your basic sugar and yeast). I politely told
the rep. that I would not really be interested because I can get my own
sugar and yeast cheaper, and make my own reactors. The nice rep. did
say, though, that I was not their prime target. It was people who are
just learning and need some help(or you can just keep reading this list
for free!)

Anyway, the nice man did give me a bottle of plant nutrients to try for
free, but this turned out to be not like Flourish, which is my
favourite. It was an NPK mixture for people who are not comfortable
checking their own NPK levels.

Anyway, I am not advocating a yeast kit system, because I still have my
sights set on a CO2 injection system as the way to go. I still consider
what I am doing as temporary. If you are interested, you could try Hagen
and see what this kit is all about.