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Warming the DIY - Insulate It

It's pretty chilly this time of year in Colorado, but I never wanted 
to hassle with the heater/bucket method of heating the DIY. I suspect 
what it really needs in the average home (assuming you aren't my 
mother and don't heat with firewood exclusively) is just to have the 
temperature more constant. I picked up a softsided insulated cooler 
at Walmart. It zips shut and has a heavy cloth exterior. I modified 
the top to accomodate two large bottle tops and the tubing. That did 
the trick for me. I've used this through two winters with great 
results. It cost me about $15 for the cooler, but it's much less 
hassle than having to remember to keep the water level in a bucket up 
and it's one less wet spill to deal with. I use these on all my tanks.